Don't let these  5   marketing landmines catch your practice off guard.

Protect your practice.

Maintaining compliance with HIPAA, TCPA, the FTC, and the host of other regulatory boards is complicated. One oversight can cost you massive fines. But there is much to be gained from a smart online strategy.  

Our white paper will be your guide.

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  • The role HIPAA plays in your online reviews - and why it matters to your reputation.
  • Why filtering feedback is risky - and why letting patients speak their minds is rewarding.
  • How to pass your HIPAA audits with flying colors - so you can focus on your patients.
  • How to verify if a marketing vendor is HIPAA compliant - and what to do if they aren't.
  • Why so many doctors are hammered with FTC violations - and what it's costing them.

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